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Someone beat me to the punch (Tvspelsfreak) with the cel-shading and the Dreamcast, so I've gone back to the cel-shading engine I was working on a while back, and I've finally got it working (with a nudge of help from Tvspelfreak) on both OS X and the Dreamcast.

It's not as pretty as his, and probably nowhere near as efficient, but it's working, and that's what matters for now. I have a couple ideas of how I want to improve / extend it. Rather, it's working mostly. Still a little wonky on the DC -- the texture doesn't appear exactly as it's supposed to.

I've been working on adding colored lighting to the engine. It's very promising -- I've got an object (for testing purposes still the teapot, but I can convert any model Blender can load to my own file format & load it) lit by two colored lights. It looks pretty nice; though there's a little tweaking I want to do, like flattening out the texture so there's fewer bands.

It works fine in OS X, but only mostly works on the Dreamcast. I'm not sure if it's the lighting or the texture, but the dark part of the red light breaks off. So I have some testing to do before this part's a-ok, but I figured I'd post my progress anyway.

The nice thing about it, though, is that it runs at pretty much the same speed as the last. There's really no new calculations to do, because the last version (though you couldn't really tell looking at it) did in fact have two separate lights.

screenshot 2
screenshot 4
screenshot 5

a couple more screenshots here.

Anyway I don't know what kinds of files people like, so I've got a couple different ones available.

first version

1ST_READ.BIN and IP.BIN 1st_read.bin and IP.bin for those of you who might want to burn a CD.

RTest.BIN Binary (unscrambled) for transfer via the serial cable or whatever you want to do with it.

RTest.elf And an ELF, just because.

RTest.dmg.gz Finally, the OS X app.

second version

RTest.elf Just the ELF, for now. The rest'll be up eventually. Hopefully sooner than later.

RTest.BIN okay, and a BIN, because ELFs are big.

Anyway, I'm interested in feedback. I've had some hardware troubles lately, so I haven't had much time to work on this or any of my other projects, but any and all comments are welcome. Any ideas or pointers on how to fix the rendering issue on the DC are more than welcome.